2018 - Year 10


Delivery Locations:

  • Bloom Early Learning & Childcare - Plymouth
  • Greater Minneapolis Crisis Nursery - Minneapolis
  • Bethesda Lutheran Communities - Coon Rapids
  • Hillcrest Golden Living Center - Wayzata
  • River Oaks - Anoka
  • New Perspective Senior Living - Minnetonka
  • Hope Lodge - Minneapolis
  • Park Gardens - Fergus Falls
  • Little Blessings - Madison
  • Arbor Oaks - Andover
  • Hope 4 Youth - Anoka
  • Glen Oaks - New London

Project Donations were spent the following ways

  • $2900 - Goody Bags & Cards
  • $1600 - Bloom Early Learning and Childcare Scholarship Fund
  • $1420 - Crisis Nursery - Donated items from their "Wish List", including:  children's bath products, infant/child OTC medicine, bouncy seats, CD player & CD's, baby food & formula, toys, storage containers, etc.
  • $5240 - Hope Lodge - Donated food and snacks for their community kitchen, as well as a cash donation of $5000.
  • $1800 - Hope 4 Youth - Donated items from their "Wish Lists", including:  lot's of food, snacks and cookies for their food pantry, Men/s and Women's undergarments, backpacks, water bottles, and a cash donation of $1000.

additional cool stuff

  • This year was the 10th Anniversary of my Valentine Project so we decided to celebrate!  My mom and dad rented a big room and we invited anyone that had donated to the project over the last 10 years!  We had over 100 friends and family there for food, memories and fun!  We also had some special guest speakers from 5 of the locations that I deliver to -- I was able to tell everyone why I loved going there, and they were able to talk about what their place is all about and how the project has impacted the people that live there.  We wanted everyone to know about the impact that their donations had made for so many people over the years!  One more very special person also flew to Minnesota all the way from Arizona to celebrate with us -- Lynne Avril!  She is the illustrator of the book that started it all, Love, Ruby Valentine, by Laurie Friedman.  We became fast friends and I even went to visit her during our spring break in Arizona!